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Roslyn Real Estate

Luxury Homes For Sale In Roslyn, NY

Roslyn Houses For Sale

Roslyn, NY

A Treat To See! Like New! Beautiful Resort-Like 1-Acre Property

Robin Kapner
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Bright Split Level Home


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Michael J Berman
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Spectacular Transitional Style Roslyn Home Situated On 1 Acre Of Lush Private Property




Brick Center Hall Colonial On An Acre Of Lush Flat Private Property


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Discover The Ideal Property In Roslyn At A Fair Price

In Roslyn, New York, you may locate your ideal home. The portfolio of Automatic Real Estate includes a sizable number of mansions. Our website features homes for sale in Roslyn and the surrounding areas. Give us a chance to assist you in finding great Roslyn homes at a fair price.

Roslyn Real Estate Agents

Our skilled real estate team is here to help you. We’ll help you identify and negotiate with the owner of the perfect home for you and your family. Whether you’re looking for a new construction, a single family home, or a much larger home, please let us know what you have in mind. The real estate agents at Automatic are knowledgeable with the Roslyn community and available open houses, so they can enlighten potential buyers.

The Gold Coast is filled with magnificent homes, Long Island mansions, breathtaking scenery, and attractive beaches. Additionally, a variety of ethnic communities call it home. There is also the neighboring Long Island Sound, which is great for boating, fishing, and swimming. The island is renowned for its stunning parks, golf courses, and vineyards as well. The varied leisure activities provide a safe, enjoyable, yet peaceful setting for everyone.

Do you intend to do business in the city? The L.I.R.R., which offers direct train connections to New York City, is easily accessible from many of our upscale Roslyn accommodations. Your trip to Manhattan will definitely be more effective and joyful thanks to this substantial yet useful system.

Old Westbury, Old Brookville, East Hills, Great Neck, and Port Washington are some of the other areas covered by Automatic’s distinctive property listings. On the Gold Coast, house prices are constantly high and rising. Please let us help you begin your search for inexpensive homes.

To see our most current Roslyn real estate listings, view the properties on this page. You may choose the property that best meets your requirements from a variety of options we provide for houses for sale. Let us assist you when you’re prepared to lead an island lifestyle.

You’ve Come To The Right Place If You’re Looking For Homes For Sale In Roslyn, New York

Do you feel a little overburdened by the quantity of listings you must personally go through before choosing your home? Do you want the assistance of a real estate professional to locate the ideal house for sale for you, at the ideal price?

We at Automatic Real Estate are here to help you with all of your housing requirements. We can provide you with anything from a single family home on two acres with many bathrooms to a bigger home on five acres with a resort-style pool and tennis court. Our goal is to make the evaluation process as simple and pleasurable as we can. Your needs may be met by our realtors. We would be pleased to set up an open house if you find a property listed for sale in Roslyn that interests you. Just give us a call or drop us an email.

A wonderful and distinctive area to live is Roslyn. Your family may enjoy more on the North Shore as a wonderful vacation destination thanks to its proximity to stunning beaches, historical sites, award-winning wineries, elegant golf courses, and some of the world’s greatest seafood restaurants.


Roslyn’s Past

In 1633, Roslyn was established. Since there were so many Hempsteads on Long Island, the name Hempstead Harbor was changed to Roslyn in 1844 to avoid postal confusion.

At the southernmost point of Hempstead Harbor’s bay is Roslyn. Local leisure is centered on the gorgeous village green formed by Roslyn Pond and Roslyn Pond Town Park. Down the Long Island Expressway, New York City is just around 25 miles distant.

Roslyn, a community in the Town of North Hempstead with a population of little under 3,000, contains a thousand houses and 600 families. This neighborhood is wonderful for raising kids, has excellent schools, and is easily accessible from any of the five boroughs. Roslyn is a wealthy neighborhood with first-rate services and transportation.

Let us show you properties in Roslyn on the North Shore if you want a peaceful haven after a busy day in the city. This little settlement harkens back to a simpler period when everyone knew one another and there was a strong feeling of community.

As a real estate agent, we concentrate mostly on the counties of Nassau and Suffolk. everything, including new listings and building projects. Master bedroom, dining area, two-car garage, spacious living area, sun terrace, wine cellar, master bathroom, many bathrooms, entertaining family room, or home office… Regardless of your needs, let’s make it Automatic.

We are happy to take you to special open houses as Roslyn real estate agents and assist you in locating the ideal property at the most competitive price.

Life On An Island

Roslyn Real Estate

Long Island’s Size Is How Big?

Given that it is the biggest and longest island in the contiguous United States, Long Island’s name makes sense. Long Island, which is just 0.35 miles from the busy Manhattan Island, reaches 118 miles eastward and has a surface size of 1041 square miles, making it bigger than the state of Rhode Island.

A large portion of the Island is divided between Nassau County and Suffolk County. Long Island’s eastern boundary is marked by the famous Montauk Point, while its western border connects it to New York Harbor.

The island’s property values have remained stable in a distinctly favorable trend despite fluctuations in the real estate market. Your house in Nassau or Suffolk County is not only a prestigious dwelling but also a wise investment since it is close to New York City.

The economy of the Big Apple is expanding and diversifying. Large businesses are continually migrating to New York City as the financial sector continues to have unheard-of stability in this decade and as the city’s technological scene is on the rise. In the end, this island is the location to reside since it offers a lavish lifestyle together with the chance to do business in New York City.


The Island has pleasant autumn, chilly winters with a little snow and rain, lengthy summers with occasional scorching days, and a mild spring. Additionally, the environment is fairly humid, although the Atlantic Ocean’s milder temperatures serve to keep local weather temperate in the spring and autumn.

Residents have access to some of America’s most stunning and unspoiled beaches because to the geography. Visit the island’s many historical sites, golf courses, wineries, and picturesque getaways during the course of a weekend excursion.

Long Island

Transport Options

Roslyn is a popular residential area because of its near proximity to Manhattan and the other boroughs of New York City. Homeowners may travel from Nassau and Suffolk Counties via the LIRR, MTA buses, or NYC Subways. The LIE, or I-495, provides a link throughout the full length of the Island. There are 5 expressways that run through the Island.

Additionally, there are excellent air connections to the island. One of the biggest international airports in the world, JFK Airport offers nonstop flights all over the world. It is the busiest international entrance point to the US and is located in Queens County. The LaGuardia Airport is also situated in Queens. Along with Newark Airport in New Jersey, LGA is one of the busiest domestic airports in the US and serves as the main domestic entrance point to NYC.

Between the cities of New York and Connecticut, a ferry runs. Through the estuary of LI Sound, the Ferries link the two. Ferries run from several sites at various times throughout the day.


Roslyn School DistrictDistrict Of Education And Schools

The Nassau County High School system, which is part of the Roslyn School District, is among the finest in the country. Additionally, the Island is home to several of the top private schools in the US.

There are various universities on the island. There are several colleges and institutions within the systems of the City University of New York (CUNY) and the State University of New York (SUNY). Private colleges with local campuses, such the NY Institute of Technology and LI University, provide citizens a wide range of alternatives for higher education close to where they live.


A Roslyn house offers a calm setting and the best environment for fostering both young and elderly brains.
Roslyn genuinely has everything you and your family could possibly need.

If you are searching for a Roslyn real estate agent we can help you find your dream home.


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